What Is this Song?

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Experimental Music

Listening to music is completely different from making a piece of music. The person who composes music knows where each section of music should be placed during composing so as to produce sounds that can be listened to other than noise. An experimental music can be described is one that arouses interest in a person or music to which someone devotes themselves. Music is basically sounds that are combined in a predetermined meaningful pattern.

Sounds are always being produced by objects in their natural settings. As music is being composed, natural sounds occupies the space left by silences in the sound space.  At any given time, there is no a thing such as empty space or empty time since natural sounds occupy the sound space when no music tones are created. Composing musical tones overrides the natural sound tones in the sound space, and instead of hearing natural sounds the musical beats are heard. Sounds can be combined in multiple ways to produce musical beats. It is true that humanity and nature aspects coexist in the world, with each aspect producing sounds that may or may not override that of the other aspect.

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Sounds can be captured magnetically through a tape to create music that can be listened repeatedly. When composing experimental music, a person always tries to separate himself or herself from the activities of the sounds he or she makes. Sound is contained in what is called the sound space, and the total sound-space results from five determinants that include frequency or pitch, amplitude or loudness, overtone structure or timbre, duration, and morphology. Encounter with nature arouses emotions in human beings.